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Field-proven tactics and tools for launching products in export markets

When trying to land the first customers in export markets, companies usually face the massive challenge of establishing brand awareness, of positioning the company and its employees as experts, and of immediately generating leads for the own sales staff or sales partners. And of course, all this should happen at the same time – with limited budgets and on short notice. We help our clients succeed in this specific situation with more than 20 years of experience in technology marketing and the combined use of field-proven tactics and tools.

The power of LinkedIN and its relevancy for Lead Generation

In this brief video statement Robert Lang, Inmotion Co-founder points out the importance of LinkedIn for building brand awareness and generating leads in a niche target group. LinkedIn is now in a position to generate more leads per year than the total social media channels combined.

Newsletters, Autoresponders, Nurturing Campaigns, Blasts

Email has long been the core component of marketing campaigns that performed better than social media and other channels. Email marketing is inexpensive and shows an impressive and measurable return on investment. Businesses of any size can benefit from email as it provides an affordable approach for enhancing brand awareness while boosting sales. It is the most cost-effective method for generating and nurturing leads.

SEO, Forms and CTAs

Organic search is accountable for a huge part of a website traffic source. Search visibility is a great asset and Google owns a significantly larger piece of the search market than all other competitors combined. Quality and constant website optimization will keep the website a trusted asset that ranks on top position of the search engine results.

EBooks, Whitepaper, Checklists & Co.

By creating quality content that educates your leads and customers, you’ll establish your company as a go-to source in your industry from the very beginning of your customer’s buying journey. By designing an asset that directly speaks to your buyer personas, you’ll be able to share information from your company’s unique perspective.

Webinars and other Lead Magnets

According to ReadyTalk between 20% and 40% of webinar attendees turn into qualified leads and – of the lead generation tactics available, webinars are the second most effective type of premium content for marketers.  76% of B2B buyers have used webinars in the past 12 months to make a purchase. Webinars are therefor a cost-effective way to reach your target group from top to bottom of your sales funnel.

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