Rolliner 3G

A solution that allows for significantly longer wire runs between the pay-off pack and the wire feeder.


Rolliner 3G – up to 0.062”/1,6 mm wire diameter - no tools needed for assembling

With the application of bulk wire systems (drums, large spools) instead of standard coils (15lb/7kg in aluminum, 33lb/15kg in steel) the use of conduits is necessary. At the same time the constancy of the wire feed speed is a crucial parameter in arc- or beamwelding. The movement of the electrode wire in the wire guide hose is inhibited by friction and it can very easily lead to situations in which the wire speed required can no longer be maintained.



  • Effortless threading by means of a patented, conical guide of the wire from roller pair to roller pair
  • Bending radius minimum 2.7”/70 mm at wire inching and during operation!
  • Wire diameter up to 0.062/1.6mm mm! Wire feed speed up to 30m/min
  • Tool-free assembly and extension


  • Connectors: The inlets and outlets of the Rolliner 3G have a 1/4 “internal thread and a 1/2” external thread.
  • Assembling: Insert elements into protective hose => Insert the holding clips at the inlet and outlet => Connect the wire inlet and outlet

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