Sales Partner Management

We build and train your team of independent sales partners, and manage your entire USA sales program.


If you don’t put it in, you don’t get it out!

That’s what applies to all partnerships. You can empower your sales partner in so many ways, but what we consider most important is technical training on your product and hands-on sales support. Your partners need to be subject matter experts. They need to be able to use the product for demos and to understand how the product works. As simple as that! And once they are trained, they need to have access to new releases early, so that they are experts in it from the very beginning.

In terms of sales support, we always share information about the prospective customer and help tailor the pitch to the needs of the particular lead. We are proud to say that we work hand in hand with the sales partner for the highest transparency and optimal deal flow. Apart from managing your sales program and building your sales team in the US, the following deliverables are fully available during our Sales Partner Management Programs:


Craft Sales Tools

We ensure that your sales team has all the necessary tools to make successful presentations of your products and services.


Conduct Sales Training

Our sales manager will provide specific sales training for the sales staff taylored to your industry and your line.


Joint Sales Calls

Our sales manager participates in a joint sales call with the rep and your customer.


Grow USA Key Accounts

We work with your house accounts and develop them according to a jointly approved key account plan.


Attend Key Events

Our sales manager can attend on your behalf at industry conferences and tradeshows.


Periodic Reporting

Our sales manager provides weekly or monthly reporting according to our define forms and procedures and your needs.

Client review

A solid basis for sustainable growth!

As a high-tech start-up, we are challenged to grow quickly and profitably. A fixed part of our global strategy is the distribution of our WAAM systems through integrators and distributors. Inmotion supported us in the course of the market launch in the USA both in building brand awareness and in finding and supporting new channel sales partners and end-user customers.
Tobias Röhrich, Gefertec GmbH

The importance of Sales Training and Tools in Partner Management

In this brief video statement Robert Lang, Inmotion Co-founder points out the importance of sales enablement plans that clarify how the manufacturer supports the sales partner with effective sales training and sales tools in the sales process so that he has everything he needs to successfully sell the manufacturer’s products.

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