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How we stand out

Inmotion is the right solution for European companies that want to grow sustainably with Sales Partners like dealers, distributors or Independent Sales Rep Agencies in the US or strive to reenergize their existing partner network. Therefore we work on both sides of the pond, in our offices in Chicago, Austria, and Germany.

Working with US Sales Partners is not just one thing we do,
it’s ALL we do!

For more than 15 years, we have been helping companies across multiple technology segments grow through various sales partners, be it distributors, value-added resellers, or Independent Sales Reps. The USA is a typical sales partner country. Historically, large companies are also working alongside their own sales team with sales or so-called “channel” partners, either to cover sales territories that are uneconomical for their own team, to benchmark their own sales team or to take a lower risk through an outsourced sales team.

Recruiting – ramping up – ongoing management:
Let us do the work!

In this tough competitive environment, it is extremely difficult for European companies to achieve sustainable success with sales partners – and that’s where Inmotion comes into play: We have the ability to understand your business, and properly identify the right set of sales partners. We find them, recruit them and manage them for you. We build a bespoke, scalable sales network to maximally exploit the potential of your product or service. Our clients can choose among several engagement models.

The Services we offer

Recruit new Sales Partners

We search, recruit and onboard your Sales Partners including a written legal agreement. We make sure that the Sales Partner is a good fit for your business. Placement guaranteed!

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Grow Partner Revenues

We manage your sales program, build and train your sales partners. We develop effective Sales Tools and Trainings-Kits for your sales process. We provide weekly or monthly reporting.

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Lean Customer Acquisition

Lean Customer Acquisition

We design and deploy cost-efficient brand building and lead generating initiatives that specifically suit the small budgets of SMEs or USA Start-Up enterprises.

Client review

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In this brief video statement, Daniel Kroepfl, Sales Manager at Tele USA talks about his experience when working with us on their USA market entry project back in spring 2019.

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