How AQUAMOT found their first US Sales Partner that completely rocked.

Aquamot was eager to participate in the highly profitable and fast growing electric boat market in the US. The company successfully entered the market with the support of Inmotion.

This market entry initiative was funded by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Go-International support programme.


Industry: Mechatronics
Location: Vöcklamarkt, AUT
# employees: < 10
Year founded: 2009

The goal: Find and recruit a winning sales partner for immediate USA market entry

The electric boats and ships sector in the US is highly profitable and growing at a fast pace. There is also potential to sell hundreds of thousands of pure electric outboard motors yearly as they become more affordable and more energy harvesting is provided on the craft to charge the batteries, improving range. Cost of ownership plummets due to due to cheap electricity, energy harvesting and reliability. Aquamot wanted to participate in the growth and successfully entered the market with the help of Inmotion.

Our field-proven process for recruiting new Channel Sales Partners

Based on a comprehensive USA market study, we created a marketing and distribution partner concept for the products as well as a list of potential distributors. Based on the results we reached out to potential sales partners in order to present the portfolio together with the manufacturer. Sales documents and telephone scripts were crafted upfront to contact potential trading partners. In case of sincere interest, a roadshow to selected sales partners was organized.

Sample Tool: Channel Partner FAQs

This is a list of typical USA Channel Partner FAQs. We use it as a guideline for data collection and as a broad overview in regards to the scope of a potential Channel Partner Recruiting project. Click to enlarge.

The result: A successful business relationship with a new Sales Partner

Aquamot could start a new successful business relationship with a manufactures rep group that covers 18 states in the Great Lakes and Midwest area. The sales team has a proven track record of successful sales and service to OEM Boat Builders, Marine Aftermarket, RV, Sporting Goods, Spa Builders, ATV/UTV and Specialty Vehicle. “With this Rep Agency we must have made a stroke of luck, things are going more than well,” George, CEO of Aquamot commented on the new partnership.