How TELE Haase kickstarted their US channel partner sales

Tele Haase sales in the USA were flat for several years. That’s why the new US management hired Inmotion to jointly revise their distribution strategy and craft a winning channel partner program.

This market entry initiative was funded by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Go-International support programme.



Industry: Industrial Electronics
Locations: Vienna, AUT; Arlington, VA
Company Size: 100+
Year founded: 1963

Tele Haase has been developing the US market for many years together with a channel sales partner based out of Texas. Although the team could show a decent market performance, management in Austria has always been convinced that with the existing distribution ecosystem in place the company was able to exploit just a fraction of the full potential on the US market.

Therefore in 2019, TELE Haase has founded – as a crucial first step – its own company TELE Controls, Inc. on US soil to demonstrate to existing and future business partners and end-users that they wanted to be a serious player on the market. The second step involved a comprehensively revised version of the US go-to-market strategy that took into account the new bold sales goals for the years to come.


The goal: Grow US sales with new sales partners & re-energize existing ones

Tele Haase was used to working with Sales Partners around the globe, but they were not engaged so far in a dedicated Channel Partner Program. The electronics industry in general and Channel Sales Partners on the US market specifically perceive Partner Programs as a strong benefit. “To create a successful program, the partnership must be a win/win for both your company and your partners. You want your partners to gain more visibility, business growth, and validation,” says Daniel. “In today’s environment, if B2B organizations are going to make it, they need to grow sales. Partnerships can be a big help!”

The tool: A winning Channel Partner Program

“When we created the Tele Controls channel partner program, we laid out the guiding principles for how the partner program should work and in which direction different stakeholders should move,” said Robert. The components of this well-designed channel partner program include revenue-sharing arrangements, sales and marketing tools, education and training programs, lead distribution and sales support activities.

Sample Tool: Battle Card

This is a template for a sales partner battle card. We use this form to provide our client’s sales partner with a one-pager that helps their salespeople successfully promote the vendor’s products. Click to enlarge.

The result: A return on investment 5 times what they spent

“Robert’s experience was a crucial asset we utilized during the six-month collaboration in order to advance to a highly capable reseller program management platform,” says Daniel. But beyond the tactile win, they’ve seen a high return on investment, which means an impact to their bottom line. “Only one month after launching our new reseller partner program within the US, we were able to engage in serious business relationships with a hand full of new distribution partners.”