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Machines for pipe clamping, cutting, rotating and profiling in manual or automatic welding.


U Range - Pipe Rotator with Clamping Roller System

The electric control as well as the tilting drive are located in the frame. Tilting is carried out manually (U 150 and U 500) or motorized (U 1000, optional U 500), the tilting angle is approx. 135°. The tilting section consists of drive and rollerbox, holding column, clamping arm and pressure roller. This machine is also available as a non tilting version (designation: U 150H, U 500H, U 1000H). In general, drives and electric controls of the U-series are protected in the frame or in a control panel.



  • efficient, single handed operation when welding is possible
  • no interruptions due to repeated turning of pipe
  • better quality through no interruptions in the joint
  • a continually precise horizontal position of the pipe is maintained


  • For clamping, rotation and tilting of pipes with round pro-files in manual or automatic welding in pipe construction

SCM Range - Pipe Cutting Machines

The SCM machines are equipped with two PLC-controlled axis which enables the machine to cut pipes in conjunction with a plasma or oxy-fuel torch. The work piece is clamped and turned by a driven chuck (axis 1), then the torch is moved over the pipe (axis 2). Optional, a third controlled axis can be added to enable the machine to bevel end cuts (straight, miter and branches).



  • All programming is menu-driven, the machine is therefore easy to operate
  • Pipe cutting machines of the SCM range are used for pipe cutting and profiling in the workshop as well as on site.

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