High Vacuum Furnace

with all peripheral devices enclosed in one, desk-sized casing.


Furnaces For Metal 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

In the metal 3D printing industry heat treatment is applied to release internal tensions accumulated in the material during the printing phase or to optimize the mechanical properties of a component.

Vacuum chambers, furthermore, tend to produce even improved heat-treatment results. Vacuum is able to minimize surface contamination, it enables technicians to carry out repeatable and accurate corrosion tests and in some cases, vacuum cleans up the samples surfaces.


Why inFurner?

  • Hot zone diameter from 120 to 200mm and from 100 to 200mm height
  • Lowest possible power loss with multi-layered thermal insulation
  • High temp stability with heating parts made of tungsten or graphite
  • Max temperature up to 1600°C with Δt<2ÂșC
  • Pressure range from 3×10(-5) to 3×10(-9)mbar

Top Features

  • Footprint: 1250mm x 580mm x 850mm (lxwxh)
  • programmable custom heat treatment cycles
  • furnace control via touch panel
  • process parameters self-monitoring for safety purposes
  • online data transfer
  • process recording

Amazemet - The innovative laboratory furnace manufacturer

The variety of available models makes the AMAZEMET furnace a perfect tool for both R&D and small-scale production. Depending on the application the inFurner is used for (annealing, additive manufacturing, brazing or sintering), either a multi-stage rotary pump with diffusion, a turbomolecular or a ion pump is adopted.

More convincing facts

  • vacuum of up to 3×10(-5) mbar is routinely achieved in less than 15 minutes
  • all peripheral devices enclosed in one, desk-sized casing
  • high vacuum enables 100% oxide free process
  • moderate investment entails high ROI and short payback period
parts testing

Can we prove our capabilities to you?

In case you want to validate our heat treatment process we offer you a testing for only 150 EUR per part (fully refundable on placing an inFurner order)!

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