SigmaTau by Cognibotics

Uniquely designed to fill the gap between CNC machines and traditional robots.


A new vision for Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing

Key Properties

  • Applies different processes on large workpieces in manufacturing industry,
  • responds to significant industrial needs in the additive and subtractive manufacturing segments,
  • leverages numerous proven, patented, high-value technologies, and
  • provides significant benefits to current state-of-the-art robotic solutions in terms of accuracy, stiffness, workspace, flexibility and energy efficiency.

What makes SigmaTau so outstanding?

A Robot based on parallel kinematics paired with absolute accuracy

over CNC machines

  • minimized use of floorspace
  • less size constraints – addressing large workpieces from 1.5m wide & up and fully customizable length
  • maximized flexibility and little to none investment in the installation site
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Significant decrease in energy consumption thanks to up to over 10 times lower weight
  • High versatility – the capacity to perform a variety of manufacturing processes in different industries (end effector design is the limit)

over industrial robots

  • at least 2x higher global accuracy (0.04-0.4 mm compared to >0.4 mm for specially calibrated arm robots)
  • at least 8x more stiffness due to better load distribution through parallel elements
  • maintains high path accuracy and stiffness despite the applications either with high dynamics or with high process forces
  • allows for tool reorientation in a wide range of +/- 50 degrees with marginal tool stiffness reduction
  • better payload to robot size ratio

Problem solver for selected Additive Manufacturing concepts

SigmaTau goes beyond what can be physically achieved with a traditional, industrial arm robot and brings key advantages compared to a CNC machine when a large workspace is required. In this sense, it merges the advantages of both these technologies, at the same time mitigating their shortcomings.

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AM Advantages

  • High rigidity and range paired with low tool deflection
  • Large ±50° working range over the entire workspace, with maintained high wrist orientation stiffness
  • Versatile Tool Mounting Options for combined additive and subtractive processes
  • Scalable Workspace