Control your Process

in critical metal joining and Additive Manufacturing applications.


Quality Control in Metal Additive Manufacturing

The XIR-1800 is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) Thermal camera designed specifically for use in Metal Additive Manufacturing and critical metal joining applications where the material thermal properties and key process features need to be carefully monitored and/or controlled in real-time.


XIR-1800 Advantages

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) – SWIR
  • Temperature measurement range ~ 250 – 1800°C
  • Up to 200 fps at full frame (640 v 512 pixels)
  • Standard C-Mount
  • images through smoke or fumes
  • generates temperature map for melt pool and surrounding base material
  • provides ability to monitor the weld torch position before and during welding
  • Integrates with Xiris WeldStudio™ software suite


  • Covers range of transition temperatures in metals
  • Can see through smoke and fumes
  • Uses glass lenses (more durable optics)
  • Able to achieve fast frame rates for real time measurements
  • Makes thermography possible without cooling

Benefits of Using XIR-1800 Camera for DED/WAAM

  • Develop quantitative temperature data for quality assurance inter-pass or within same pass
  • Reduce cost of creating good parts
  • Reduce process set up time
  • Recordable video for traceability or defect location
  • Process development tool
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