Force and Pressure Testing Equipment for Collaborative Robotic Applications


In any human-robot collaboration (HRC) without separating protective equipment, collisions between humans and robots cannot be completely ruled out. The permissible limit values for force and pressure in accordance with ISO/TS 15066, the safety requirements for cobot applications, must be observed as they ensure the safe operation of HRC work areas. In regards to occupational safety different standards are applicable for workspaces of collaborative robots. The force and pressure measurement system CoboSafe meets all the requirements that are necessary to verify the adherence of limit values and is tailored to each and every application area. Here the combination of force- and pressure measurement is key.

Learn about ISO/TS 15066

ISO/TS 15066 provides guidelines for the design and implementation of a collaborative workspace that controls risk. It provides risk assessments for collaborative robot applications with hard data and formulae to work with. In this whitepaper DGUV perfectly translates technical terms into a clear, understandable language.

Who Needs to Read ISO/TS 15066?
ISO/TS 15066 is primarily aimed at robot suppliers, integrators, tooling manufacturers, production managers and application engineers.

Cobot Safety Force Testing Equipment

For each of the nine spring constants according to ISO/TS 15066 we offer a suitable, aluminum-made, calibrated force transducer ready for measuring without any further preparation. The Piezo force sensor with linear-guided measuring mechanism is at the heart of the system. It guarantees optimum measuring accuracy and reproducibility. The combination of the spring constants (K2) with one of the additional damping elements (K1) allows the biofidel properties to be configured according to ISO/TS 15066 and DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) information „FB HM-080“.

Cobot Safety Force Testing Equipment


  • integrated electronics for evaluation and storage of measured values
  • storage capacity up to 100 single measurements
  • graphically rendered force curve
  • wireless data transfer (bluetooth)

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Pressure Measurement with Cobosafe Scan

This system is based on Fujifilm Prescale measurement films. It records the pressure distribution and maximum pressure. The films react to pressure and display pressure distribution. The pressure force is determined by the intensity of the discolouration of the pressure measuring films to an accuracy of ±10%.



  • pressure image is automatically imported into CoboSafe-Vision Software and evaluated
  • The set includes a scanner, a calibration-sheet and films.

Software CoboSafe-Vision

The software CoboSafe-Vision visualizes the force curves measured and the pressure images. It calculates and determines the values for the transient and quasi-static forces. An assessment of the pressure image is possible by means of the two and three-dimensional representation as well as by using the filters. Individual reporting is also possible, such as csv-export.

COBOSAFE Tech Briefing

Watch this brief video and learn how to operate the COBOSAFE System and how to evaluate the measurement results with the scanner and the software.

Duration: 3’56“


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