Cobosafe CBSF 75 Basic

Handheld measuring device for determining the impulse-forces and quasi-static forces of collaborative robots.


Force Measurement with ease of use

In human-robot collaboration (HRC) without partition walls, collisions between humans and robots cannot be avoided. For a safe HRC workstation the permissible limit values according to ISO / TS 15066 for force and pressure must be strictly kept.



  • easy to use measurement procedure
  • only one spring constant
  • applicable for most measuring challenges


  • The system consists of the PC software, the F-500-Basic force transducer and the P-Performance pressure measurement system based on Fuji® Prescale films.
  • The F-500-Basic force gauge already evaluates the force measurement and indicates the results on a display.
  • Collision pressure and pressure distribution are measured by using Fuji® Prescale films.
  • Using a scanner in conjunction with a calibration sheet developed by GTE the print image is imported into FPM-Vision software and automatically evaluated.

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